Record Validation Live

Record Validation Live is a feature that can be integrated into any record page layout in your Salesforce organization. Record Validation Live does a real-time search and presents all set up fields and their validation status when opening up a record. Instantly validate these fields for the record you are currently working on.

Record Validation Live

 General Information

Field Validation field. All fields added and mapped containing a value from the Object Settings can be added to this component.
Message Current field status from Record Validation Live service.
Field Status   - Field data has been changed, needs to be validated again.
   - This field has not been validated yet and needs validation.
   - The current address is validated up to a city level. Choosing a suggestion will change it to green status.
   - This field is correctly validated.
  - This field cannot be validated due to unusable data.
Validated on Date and time of the last validation

Record Status

Record Status is a colorful text field indicator that indicates the status of the viewed record. It will take the lowest status from your record. If you have at least one field with a red status code in your record, the overall status code of your record will be red. This rule applies to every status. 

Action Buttons

The 'Validate all' button shows a pop-up configuration page giving the option to validate all fields on the same page.
Showed configuration:

The 'Validate' button shows a pop-up configuration page giving you the option to validate a single field.
Showed configuration:

Validation Process

Field Validation field. Can be Address, Telephone number, or Email address.
Original value Original field value.
Suggested value Suggested value from Record Validation.
Custom value A field where you can write down your desired custom value.
Hover the info icon the see the current status of the field.


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