Record Validation Entry page

Record Validation Entry is a replacement entry page which you can choose to use instead of the standard Salesforce entry page. It validates fields while filling them out or editing them in the record. Immediately see if there are any unvalidated fields.

If you add new fields to any of your Objects, they will show up on the Record Validation Entry page too. You might need to log out and log back in again since Record Validation Entry is only updated once per login session.

Choose a default country

The default country for your validations will be the country selected in RV Setup under Settings. Click the flag button on the top right of the Record Validation Entry page to change the default country for the record you are working on. This will then be the default country for all validations on that page. Simply pick one from the picklist, or use the search bar to quickly find your country of choice.

The global country will automatically get selected for each field that RV can validate. You can manually select a different country for each phone field.

Field Validation

Upon the creation of a new record through the Record Validation Entry page you will have the opportunity to validate Address, Phone number, and Email Address.

Address Validation

Type in the street name and see if validation is needed or, if you have suggestions turned on, choose one of the suggestions shown. After selecting a suggestion, Record Validation will auto-fill the rest of the Address fields for you.

Email Validation

Type in the email address, and Record Validation will check if the email is valid and is in the right format. In addition, Record Validation does a Syntax, DNS, and Freemail check.

Phone Validation

Record Validation analyzes your phone number values and parses, validates and formats them to your preferred standardization.

For each validation, Record Validation returns a status code. You can save this status code in a custom field for reporting.

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