Guides of how to use Record Validation Entry page

In this guide, we will explain how to use the Record Validation Entry page properly.

*How to use the Address Validation

*How to use the Email Validation

*How to use the Phone Validation

How to use the Address Validation

This is how the address form looks like on the Record Validation Entry page:

Before filling any information in the form, make sure to change the Default county setting or populate the Country field.

  • To change the Default country, click the planet icon  located top right on the RV Entry page. A configuration panel will pop up asking you to enter a country name. Type the name of the country in which the address is located in. 

  • Or, type in the country name in the Country field under Address Information. 

After successfully changing the Default Country, now you can add your address search query in the Street field. 

  • Fill the "Street" field with all the information you have about the address you want to validate. Like the street name, house number, postal code, etc. A suggestion will pop up immediately, choose the right suggestion for your address and all fields will be populated automatically by Record Validation with the validated address data. 

Fill the "Street Field and choose a suggestion.

  •  Record Validation will populate the rest of the fields with validated address data.

Make sure to check your validation status every time you make a field change. Upon validation, hover the validation status icon to learn what is the current status of your validation. There are 3 status colors:
        -  Green
        -  Amber
        -  Red
You can learn more about address validation by navigating to this tutorial.

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