At the Record Validation License page, you will find valuable information about your current Record Validation Edition. You can buy validation credits or refresh your license.

Record Validation License page


Action Buttons

Refresh your current active license. When migrating from free to paid edition, the paid edition will be activated and ready for use after a license refresh.
Buy more validation credits.

General Information

Under General Information you will find important information related to your ORG and Record Validation plan.

API key Your API key. 
Organization ID Your Organization ID, sometimes requested by our support to resolve issues.
Sandbox RV installed in a Sandbox environment  or 
Last refreshed Last time license was refreshed. 
Credits left The number of validation credits left.

Credit Bundles

Detailed information about your Record Validation plan, credits left, expiration date and more.

Bundle type Your current credits bundle type. 
Start credits The initial number of credits you started with
Credits left The number of validation credits left.
Expired Credits Bundle Expired  or 
Creation date Credits Bundle creation date and time
Expiration date Credits Bundle expiration date and time
Free Using free credits bundle  or 
Credit bundle ID This ID is requested by our support upon issues. 


List of all Record Validation services. Check which ones are included and active for your edition and how many credits per usage do they cost.

List of Services:

Address Validate    10  
Address Complete    10  
Country Validate      
Country Suggest      
Phone Validate    1  
Phone as you type
 Address Suggest      
Email Validate    1  
Email Suggest      
Bulk Result      
Bulk Status      
Bulk Delete      
Bulk Queue      
Bulk Validation      

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