How to uninstall Record Validation

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Step 1 Set back your 'New' and 'Edit' button (Salesforce Lightning)

Salesforce does not allow you to uninstall until you stop overriding the 'New' and 'Edit' buttons in your Objects to RV Entry.

Set back the 'New' button. 

1.1 Navigate to the Salesforce Setup.
1.2 Navigate to Platform Tools - Objects and Fields - Object Manager.
1.3 Find your Object in the list view and access it. 
1.4 Navigate to Buttons, Links and Actions. 
1.5 Find the 'New' button and click 'Edit'. 
1.6 At 'Override With', select 'No Override'. 
1.7 Click Save. 

Set back the 'Edit' button. 

1.8 Find the 'Edit' button and click 'Edit'.
1.9 At 'Override With', select 'No Override'. 
1.10 Click Save. 
Repeat these steps to make sure you set back all 'New' and 'Edit' buttons in your Objects before uninstalling Record Validation.

Step 2 Uninstall Record Validation

2.1 Navigate to the Salesforce Setup.
2.2 Navigate to Platform Tools - Apps - Installed Packages.
2.3 At 'Record Validation', click 'Uninstall'. 
2.4 At the bottom of the page, confirm and click 'Uninstall' again. 
2.5 Record Validation is now being uninstalled.
Thank you for using Record Validation!

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